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When we consider the 2023 data in the automotive sector, has a very good summary. We see Turkey at the top in the sector, this result is very promising. The investments (physical and non-physical) made in the automobile industry are just beginning to reap the rewards. Despite the macroeconomic contraction around the world, automotive sector EBITDA results are satisfactory.

Probably one of the important issues of the sector this year will be Carbon emissions. Energy audits will need to be conducted in all production centers. Digital and instant follow-ups as much as possible will help factories manage this process better. I believe that 2024 will be a year in which digital transformation will increase its importance many times over.

At the same time, Chinese Automobile Manufacturers will be mentioned frequently this year. Chinese startups have started to come to the fore in Turkiye as well, they are establishing sales and/or production centers without much advertising but effectively.

We see and will continue to see the results of Turkey being the most important center of strategic investment and the world logistics network.


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